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Suite Francaise Movie on the World War 2


Suite Francaise Movie is an exciting new action thriller starring Michelle Williams, and co-starring Kristin Scott Thomas, Matthias Schoenaerts and Sam Riley.  The film is being distributed by The Weinstein Company, so this has greatly increased the expectation of the movie. The souces say that the movie is being scheduled to be released by the end of 2014.

The plot

Suite Francaise Movie is an adaptation of Irene Nemirovsky's nonfiction World War II tale, Suite Française of 2007. The story is about a young woman occupied in France who finds herself falling in love with a German officer during WW II and then she is made to choose anyone between love and her country.

The story begins in Paris on the eve of the Nazi occupation in 1940.  The movie Suite Française explains about the remarkable story where both men and women were together thrown in some crucial circumstances beyond their control.  As Parisians run away from the city the human folly surfaces in every possible way where a wealthy mother goes in search of sweets in a place where there is no food. There is also a couple who is scared at the thought of losing their jobs when the whole world begins to fall apart. When we move on to another local village that has been occupied by German soldiers there are locals where they must learn to live with the enemy – in their town, their homes, even in their hearts.   Irène Némirovsky is a highly successful writer living in Paris who has started to work on Suite Française.  She was also a Jew, and in 1942 she was arrested and deported to Auschwitz, where she later died.  For sixty-four years, this novel has remained hidden and unknown.

The cast

Michelle Williams as Lucille Angellier
Kristin Scott Thomas as Madame Angellier
Sam Riley as Benoit
Matthias Schoenaerts as Bruno von Falk
Lambert Wilson as Viscount de Montmort
Harriet Walter as Viscountess de Montmort
Tom Schilling as Kurt Bonnet
Clare Holman as Marthe
Eric Godon as Monsieur Joseph
Deborah Findlay as Madame Joseph
Simon Dutton as Maurice Michaud
Nicolas Chagrin as Father Bracelet